Abortion, with love

In Conversation with Abortion Doula, Zachi Brewster

April 27, 2021 Episode 16
Abortion, with love
In Conversation with Abortion Doula, Zachi Brewster
Show Notes

In this episode Zachi Brewster talks about her work as an abortion doula, someone who supports people in their abortion experiences. She discusses community-care, economic accessibility, work/life boundaries, and holding space for all the individual experiences and emotions around abortion. She ends by providing some suggestions on how we can better support the people in our lives who are going through an abortion experience.

Zachi is a Black, queer, abortion doula and sex and pleasure educator. She recently created Dopo, a community platform providing honest and inclusive abortion care and education. In short, she supports individuals through transitional experiences and builds communities around our shared stories. Her work aligns with her personal mission to improve reproductive and sexual health services for all.

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Dopo website: https://www.wearedopo.com 

Abortion Talk: https://www.abortiontalk.com/
Alexis J. Cunningfolk’s Sliding Scale Model: http://www.wortsandcunning.com/blog/sliding-scale

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Abortion, with love
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