Abortion, with love

Activist Heartbreak, with Daniela Tejas Miguez

October 05, 2021 Camila Ochoa Mendoza Season 2 Episode 21
Abortion, with love
Activist Heartbreak, with Daniela Tejas Miguez
Show Notes

On this episode, Daniela talks about the essay she wrote, “on heartbreak and longing and hope”.  We talk about how being an activist means getting your heart broken over and over, and having to recognise and tend to the heartbreak in order to create a sustainable movement. We discuss the value of political homes, how we practice hope, and the importance of having boundaries and allowing ourselves to takes breaks and rest from political work.

Daniela Tejas Miguez (she/her):
Runner, embroiderer, chingona, and bisexual. Feminist against fascism, racism, and transphobia. Proud abortionist creating networks for sexual and reproductive justice. In eternal search for pleasure, joy, magic and good tea.

Corredora, bordadora, chingona y bisexual. Feminista contra el fascismo, el racismo, y la transphobia. Orgullosamente abortista tejiendo redes para lograr la justicia sexual y reproductiva. En eterna búsqueda del placer, el goce, la magia y el buen té.

Links and Resources:

"On Heartbreak and longing and hope" by Daniela Tejas Miguez

Octavia’s Brood, edited by adrienne maree brown and Walidah Imarisha 

“What’s an Abortion Anyway” by Carly Manes & Emulsify