Abortion, with love

A Conversation with my Mama

November 25, 2021 Season 2 Episode 23
Abortion, with love
A Conversation with my Mama
Show Notes

Let's just say, my Mum wasn't thrilled when I told her I was starting a podcast about abortion. I think she wishes I'd spend this time and energy working towards preventing unwanted pregnancies. But the podcast has given us the opportunity to talk about our disagreements, to listen to each other, and to open up about our own experiences around pregnancy and loss. These conversations haven't been easy, but I like to think that they've helped us get closer, and learn to accept our differences and still support and love each other. Now, my Mum is one of my biggest supports, she listens to the episodes, gives me feedback, and shares the podcast with her friends.

On this episode, I have a conversation with my Mum and we talk about all of this. She explains her points of view around abortion, and tells us which parts of my views make her uncomfortable. We talk about our relationship, especially around our roles as mother and daughter, and how to adjust our expectations of each other, and be able to  respect that we are both adults with our own opinions and experiences.

Trigger warning:  while in general my mother believes that abortions are necessary and need to be legal and available, there are still certain areas where she draws the line. Some of the things she says may be considered stigmatising, specifically around people having more than one abortion, and people who, according to my mum, view abortions as a "nonchalant" thing.

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